Social Media Showdown

Social media has taken over the world. It’s the new way we communicate and the quickest way we learn about what is happening in our communities and around the world. Social media has allowed organizations to grow their brand by properly utilizing social media tools. Some of the most popular social media tools are Hootsuite and SocialBro. Both of these tools helps business owners promote and grow their business on Facebook and Twitter.

Hootsuite is an enterprise level social media management tool used by over 10 million professionals. They can help you schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaign” (Jenkins).  Hootsuite also works with organizations helping them create content for their social networks. As a marketing professional it takes time to properly promote and grow a business on social media. Hootsuite is a more convenient tool because it saves time by automatically posting and scheduling content for business customers. It also allows businesses the ability to stay close to their consumers because the business can monitor every conversation across their social networks.

Hootsuite - example of social media management tools

SocialBro (Audiense) is another social media tool used by businesses to help advertise on Twitter. “SocialBro is a Twitter marketing tool. SocialBro helps you with all of your Twitter needs from scheduling content, to reports, to creating ads on Twitter” (Jenkins). It’s a great tool for businesses to get to know their audience and enables brands and agencies to use social as a strategic marketing channel to drive real business value.

SocialBro - example of social media management tools

Facebook and Twitter are one of the most popular social media tools used around the world. Who’s trending (going viral) on Facebook or what famous person “tweeted” about their lives is what we thrive for. Choosing the right social media management tools for your business requires you to have a good understanding of what your needs are. Hootsuite and SocialBro works well with both social media sites. SocialBro is a part of the “Twitter Official Partner Program “to help attract large volumes of consumers.

Jenkins, M. (2016). 17 Best Social Media Management Tools. Retrieved September 04, 2016, from

3 thoughts on “Social Media Showdown

  1. You write of two great tools, Hootsuite and Audiense/SocialBro. Though, I am not too familiar with Audiense, it looks like a great tool for a business owner to manage its social media platforms. I think a lot of businesses today lose sight of what their needs really are and without having an understanding the wants and needs of your business, these tools will not be maximized to their true ability- which is for their business to grow and be successful.


  2. From your research did you find that you preferred Hootsuite or Social Bros? I’ve actually been using another Twitter management system, Tweetdeck. It’s realtime which I like, but I’ve been considering switching over to a full on Social Media Management Solution such as Hootsuite. The thing that holds me back though is the maximum number of logged social media accounts for the free plan is only three. It’s quite a limitation considering that any social medialite will have atleast seven if you count the following: FB, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Snapchat, RSS feed.

    What’s your thought on this?


    1. I personally like Hootsuite better but it maybe because I am more familiar with it. It also is an approved social site from my employer so I can schedule my job reqs through LinkedIn and Hootsuite will automatically post them at the time I choose. Social Bro was a little too crowded and wasn’t user friendly but that’s my bias opinion because of what I am comfortable with. I have also used Tweetdeck for my personal use and I like it as well. Easy to use and navigate your Twitter account.


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