Social media strategies is the key to increasing customer’s engagement levels, insight, and to drive sales. Social media is changing the way that organizations like Comcast, interact with prospects and customers. New opportunities are available for those bold enough to grab them, and new challenges await those who do. Comcast has been very successful at driving revenue and creating a presence in social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are the top social media sites Comcast uses to market business. By following Comcast on these social media sites, a consumer has the ability to get information about the company, products, events, and the latest about everything Comcast has to offer.

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“Comcast is bulking up its presence on Twitter and Facebook as it tries to repair the damage done by a string of very public customer service catastrophes.”

The company is now hiring 40 new “social care specialists” to respond to customers over social media, adding to its existing social staff of 20. They’ll be able to help with everything from scheduling appointments to troubleshooting Internet problems and setting up DVRs (Social Media). Comcast has been known for bad customer service and has spent millions of dollars trying to turn that status around. Customers are able to use social media to write reviews of their experience and post comments about how they were treated.

Although consumers still have the option to call Comcast customer service department, the company wanted to be sure that customers also had the option to go online and make complaints. Many businesses may think giving customers access to post negative things about their experience is a bad idea but, studies have shown that it actually works in reverse. Social media for Comcast started as mentions dealing with escalation cases and customers giving Comcast one last chance to make things right. Now, escalations have decreased and the majority of the customers are using social channels as a method to reach out to sign up and upgrade their service. Consumers are happy to know that their voices are being heard and that their is someone recognizing their complaint and trying to do something about it. As the numbers of customers reaching out on social media continue to increase, Comcast continues to work harder to improve their customer service.

Comcast Improves Standings by using Social Media

Comcast recognized the value of engaging with customers through social media early on and became an industry leader in the social environment. Lithium’s solution has provided the scalable and seamless agent-to-agent and agent-to-customer workflow needed to enhance social care support strategy. Comcast has been using Lithium for all social care engagement for over two years, which has allowed the company to really amplify the in-channel customer experience. Lithium Social Web has enabled us to use social data to drive change in the organization (Social Media Tools).

Comcast uses other tools such as Crimson Hexagon to calculate their NPS (Net Promoter Score) to help improve customer service. Comcast begin using NPS in 2015 to help improve customer satisfaction and retain their customer base. Although the company is well below the score they want to be at, their has been improvement quarterly. When customer satisfaction increases, revenue increases. The NPS consist of a handful of survey questions asking about the consumer’s experience. The most important question asked on the survey is, “Will you recommend Comcast to a friend or family?” Since 2015 when Comcast begin using the NPS, the impact on customer service has improve.



2 thoughts on “Comcast takes Advantage of Social Media

  1. Wow great post ! This is a timely post because recently I had to deal with Sony as I had an issue with my PlayStation, they gave me two options calling in, or working with a tech through social media. Not only was the social media route faster as I did not have to wait in a call queue for over 20 minutes, but it drove the same result which was ultimately me getting a refund. A lot of consumers are voicing their complaints and issues through social media and the fact that Comcast recognizes this and is working to drive resolutions is great ! Consumers often just want to be heard and it is reassuring to be able to voice a complaint and have an actual person work with you to fix it .


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