Companies have taken advantage of free advertising for decades because “Word of Mouth”. Now that social media has become the new face for marketing, many organizations are jumping on board. Most companies in every industry are using social media to help create their brand. Retailers, private sectors, telecom companies, and many others utilizes social media to help sell their brand and market their products and/or services. Even politicians have taken a stand on social media to help increase votes and get their word across. With all of the benefits and opportunities of a brand going social, there are risk and challenges that are associated with a brand going social.


“In recent years, social media has emerged as a powerful new marketing tool. It continues to be an integral part of marketing strategies across various industries, but as it is still relatively new, the learning curve is steep. As social media and social media marketing evolves, knowledge of the field is gained by marketing professionals largely through trial and error” (Donne Torr).

Business owners are using different social marketing strategies to help grow their business and gain new customers. If an organization is not on board with the new way of marketing, chances are, they are being left behind. Being in the know or the “trending” topic is another way to gauge a spectators attention. It is important for companies to have a social appearance while creating a social brand. What you should know:

  • Plan your post and Tweets
  • Engage your audience with the latest updates
  • Know your competition
  • Follow-up with your audience…they want to know they are being heard 

Social Media Risk and Challenges…


  • Risks: With many social media sites circulating around the world, some companies tend to get caught up trying to keep up. They spend too much time focusing their efforts on all of the social networks instead of capitalizing on one particular social website. This puts the company at risk and can decrease the overall impact of the consumer’s interaction and the brand’s voice may get lost. Companies tend to misjudge the audience and create marketing campaigns that targets the wrong market. This puts the company’s brand at risk. 
  • Challenges: Majority of today’s shoppers head to social media for reviews on products and services. Consumers use different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and many others to reach their social audience and talk about their experience with a company. Customers rely on their peers and others in the community to get recommendations for products and services. Once a customer writes a bad review about a company, it can wound a brand and create a bad name for the company. There are more irate customers writing a bad review than there are happy customers. News travels fast and with all of the social media networks, it is a challenge to make it disappear. 

Are you Engaging your Audience?

Consumers are more likely to recommend a brand if the company engages with them on social media. Even when customers have complaints, they want to know that the someone is listening. Social media conversations are overlooked very often because of the lack of follow up. This is a major business opportunity that most companies ignore.

Companies like Verizon not only respond to and engage their own customers, they are engaging their competitor’s angry customers by responding to their tweets and post and offering solutions to their problems. It doesn’t seem to matter how many followers a user has. There was a woman who tweeted  how she was upset at Sprint and  Verizon invited her switch to their service. Even though she only has 1,397 followers Verizon heard her cry and jumped right in (Kashmir Hill). It doesn’t always matter how many followers someone has, it’s about engaging your audience and capturing the moment of one follower. 

Are you wondering how you can engage your audience with smarter usage of social media? Check out 21 Social Media Engagement Tactics That Will Grow Your Audience


5 thoughts on “Your Brand is now Social…What’s Next?

  1. Terrenie,

    I love the graphics! I definitely think that the interaction between company and consumer is very important. I have gotten that tweet from Verizon as well when I tweeted about being frustrated with Comcast. Their customer service team is on it and I love that. There is a sense of community when someone writes a negative post about a company and other’s start to chime in. It is then up to the company to go into clean-up mode and try to make things right.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Verizon has an impressive social media team if they are not only able to reply to their own customers but able to look at disgruntled customers from other networks and seize the opportunity! That is fantastic customer service! I think that being able to engage your audience as well as target potential customers is a great marketing skill that has translated well to social media!


  3. Nice post. I never considered how a company would fair if they focused on perfecting one specific social media site than having a mediocre presence on several sites. The follow up question would be-which social medium site is more efficient for companies? Where should a company focus? Another question a company might consider is how much more beneficial is it to have a perfect media presence? Is it worth the ROI?


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